Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pick a blog name, will ya?!

I know. It's a little schitzophrenic how I keep changing my blog rather than actually writing on my blog. But I didn't like the name Knitting Factor and MARYTOWN just feels good. Plus, I could never get that Google Adsense going over there. So this is home now. Welcome!

The Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Blanket from Knitting Workshop is finished!

I love this pattern because it's so easy and even though it's just garter stitch, it's fun to watch the pattern coming together. The color, I admit, is a little unorthodox for a baby blanket, but it is my sister-in-law's favorite color and she loves it and now I do, too. I got confused on EZ's seam instructions and bound off instead of taking the stitches off the needles and weaving them together nicely. My friend Evonne tells me this will be easy to undo and redo properly. Let's hope.


a friend to knit with said...

love your new name.
isn't it so funny when you first start blogging the name you choose. i actually hate mine! :) but, i guess i will stick with it.

love the blanket, and i really like the dark shade for a baby!

Mary said...

You hate your name? That's so funny because I think you have one of the best knitting blogs. When my blog grows up it wants to be like your blog. :o)

Rima said...

Great blanket! Love the construction.